I'm Steven Mautone.

I am currently a Director of Product Management at American Express creating solutions around our cross-channel digital experiences.

Omni-channel, Bidirectional Messaging

For the past few years I have been leading the Product team supporting our Enterprise Communications Platform: an omni-channel messaging platform that dispatches Mobile Push Notifications, SMS, and Email across every account-level event within the American Express lifecycle.

No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction

I helped globalize the Amex Mobile app with an optimized native experience. Amex Mobile is now ranked number one in customer satisfaction for financial apps according to JD Power.

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I currently maintain a website at that allows people to submit their ideas about what it would be (or is) like to wear smart glasses. I’ve continued the #ifihadglass campaign since the Google Glass Explorer Program had such a significant impact on me.

GlassFrogger *

I was part of a winning hackathon team who built
the first cross-platform, wearable game built for Google Glass.

* GlassFrogger currently no longer functions on Glass after February 25, 2020 when Google removed the ability to use your Google Account on the Explorer Edition.

Prior to getting into Mobile and Notification-based experiences, I have worked for BBC America, Showtime Networks, Royal Caribbean, Esurance and designing modern web platforms. I have learned to focus on both the content and distribution so that we can build amazing, scaleable product experiences!